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Risk advisors are different than your run-of-the -mill insurance agents. A Risk Advisor understands your business, customizes policies to your needs and can help you grow There are so many indirect costs that business owners do not foresee, and a good Risk Advisor is one that will provide you with some kind of measurement tool that understands what those indirect costs are. Once our experts have brought these indirect costs to light, you are able to acknowledge and implement preventive measures going forward.

We often see that businesses don’t put safety and security as top priorities (things like sales, revenue, etc.) Although safety precautions are often difficult to implement and a pain for business owners, otherwise mired in oh so many tasks, but safety is important from not only a financial perspective, but from a human perspective. We are firm believers in taking safety initiatives to a company-wide implementation.

Kelly J. Miller, CIC

President and Owner

Chris L. Moxley, CIC, CRIS

Senior Vice President

Director of Operations

Chris Hayes, CIC

Senior Vice President

Sean Leigh, CLCS

Nathan Britten, CLCS, PWCA

Kim Martin, CIC